"with SMC you can focus on care as well as career"

The Interview Coaching sessions will be most suitable for you when you have secured an interview for a role, and are not sure how to approach it. As I am an accredited Behavioural Interviewer, as well as having credentials in genesys psychometric assessments, I can provide coaching to assist you to prepare to calmly and confidently attend an interview, be it a group, panel or individual interview,  activity/skill based interview, or psychometric assessment. Click here to secure your interview coaching session time.

The suite of 6 x fortnightly 1:1 Career Coaching Sessions will provide you with the support you need, tailored to you, your goals and the clarity and control you wish to take over your situation and your career.Take your first steps to steer your career with confidence. As you progress and achieve your goals, your reward is a complimentary final session!

This session is suitable for Mothers' Groups or Playgroups when parents in your group are looking to return to the workplace and would like some guidance on resume preparation, how to prepare an application letter for a role, and/or tools/techniques on how to strategically and proactively market yourselves. Having successfully presented on this topic to schools and teachers,  employees within organisations where I have been employed in Recruitment and Careers management roles, as well as parents returning to the workplace , I now look forward to meeting with your group! These sessions are interactive and fun, can even include role-plays, and are completely tailored to your groups goals.

Resume Preparation Coaching Sessions are essential for you if you wish to learn how to best construct, review and tailor your own resume for each role you apply for in order to secure interviews.  My expertise in internal recruitment and knowing what will make you stand out to hiring organisations will be shared in this session, and a follow up session can provide an opportunity for us to review your resume strategy and approach.

Why SMC?

As a busy mum, I understand the challenges of time and availability.
As my goal is to empower and enable you to progress forward, I provide unique flexibility to all of my services including:

Take your Tot

you are able to take your tot to all sessions, be it 1:1 career coaching, an interview coaching session or a mums/play group workshop.


clock smc

After hours and weekend sessions are available



1:1 career coaching and interview coaching can be conducted either via telephone or at a venue you are comfortable with. Mothers/play group sessions are held at your group location

The Steer My Career Story

Hello! My name is Shelley, and I am a busy mum of two beautiful children. It is great to meet you!

I started Steer My Career (or SMC) after speaking to many mums - in parks/playgrounds, in my mothers groups, playgroup, kinder, networks and even neighbours and found an overwhelming lack of support for parents returning to work. I myself have returned to work (into a new role) after starting a family ; I have also had to seek new employment after a position I was in was made redundant, so I truly understand the uncertainty, stress, emotion and challenges, but also the opportunity, potential, growth and confidence that can come with such changes. I have been in the same shoes as many women...possibly even you.

Because I have been familiar with others' situations, I have successfully supported parents through my coaching to explore career avenues/opportunities, and successfully target their resume to secure interviews and roles (read client testimonials here). This has also been due to my passions (helping people manage their careers and parenthood), my credentials (DDI behavioural interview credentials, Genesys Psychometric Assessment credentials) and qualifications (Swinburne Executive Coaching Program towards ICF accreditation and Swinburne Post Graduate Certificate in HR). These are all underpinned by my solid career background in leading and advising on internal recruitment and careers management and HR, and, most importantly, my first hand experience as a return to work mum. I look forward to partnering with you and supporting you in your career success!